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Akshay Oberai

Managing Partner

A visionary technology product executive with expertise in operations and business development, Akshay has a track record of implementing strategies that drive results. His previous roles include venture associate at Monta Vista Capital and CEO and co-founder of TipdOff Inc., which he led through its exit. He has worked in business development at ColorTokens Inc., a zero trust cybersecurity provider, and at Norse Corporation, a cyber security firm, where he focused on the financial industry and was instrumental in securing major accounts such as Discover. He also founded Software Plantation, which became the virtual software development provider for many organizations. Over the course of his career, Akshay has recruited, hired, and managed highly effective teams of outsourced and domestic technology professionals; managed company operations; and created strategies to improve profitability and create compliant, efficient processes. Akshay holds a B.A. from Pepperdine University, where he studied Business Administration and Political Science.

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Sunil Verma

Managing Partner

Krishna Subramanian

Venture Partner

Chris Ji


Toni Alejandria

Partner, Investor Relations + Community

Amina Moinuddin

Talent Partner

Stephanie Quezada

Executive Assistant

Mary Kate Pennington

Chief Financial Officer

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