View Where do you invest?

Our investments currently focus on early stage, U.S.-based startups solving meaningful problems by creating or disrupting markets at scale.

View What kind of companies do you look for?

Software and services are woven through every aspect of modern life—both business and personal. We expect these technologies to become even more significant globally as we continue to discover new efficiencies for everything we do.

View What’s your average check size?

Our initial investment is in the $250-500K range, and we generally deploy around $1M across the life of the company. Our team is deeply engaged in the company’s lifecycle while taking a founder-friendly approach to mentorship.

View How does Unanimous Capital help startups?

Based on our experience as both founders and investors, we provide value throughout the growth cycle with a lens towards risk mitigation in areas including, but not limited to: first customers, team development, product market fit, vertical expansion, and next-round funding.

View Is it ever too early to get in touch?

It’s never too early. Reach out to us at any point in your company’s journey.

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