Announcing Unanimous Capital, Fund I LP


Today, we’re super excited to announce the public launch of Unanimous Capital Fund I, LP!

Unanimous Capital is an early-stage venture capital firm in the Bay Area investing solely in USA-based companies.

Our Investment Thesis:

  • We invest in people and ideas with profound potential.
  • We want to see bold solutions to meaningful problems.
  • We want to see markets created, disrupted, and transformed at scale.
  • We want to see the best ideas from entrepreneurs — and we want to watch them change the world.

Our Core Ethos:

Trust. Our relationships are built on a foundation of unanimous trust. We trust our portfolio teams to execute well, and they trust us to be there for them in good times and bad. We want to be their first call for anything and everything.

Vision. We share a unanimous vision of the possibilities that our future holds. We invest in founders who live and breathe that dream — and obsess over bringing that future one step closer to the present.

Success. Our founders’ successes are our successes. When we invest in a startup, our team becomes unanimously dedicated to the company’s long-term success. Our founders get open access to our full resources and operational experience to ensure they succeed.

To date, Unanimous Capital has invested in a number of market-leading companies out of our flagship early-stage fund, including two operating in stealth mode as a part of our incubation program.

We’re not just founder-friendly, we are proven founders. Our broad range of operational experience, coupled with our track record as investors, uniquely positions us to capitalize on the current gap in early-stage funding.

Having founded five of our own companies in the past, our team has seen everything from high-flying IPOs and acquisitions to the hard truths of having to turn off a business. We’ve been in the trenches together, and we understand what it takes to navigate the rough terrain of the startup wilderness while adapting along the journey.

Our experience as investors enables us to discern trends effectively, allowing us to provide value to our community and identifying opportunities that look to change the space they are in.

Our experience as entrepreneurs enables us to add value to our founders and truly partner with them with passion and empathy. We have truly worked in the trenches with entrepreneurs in the earliest stages of the company lifecycle, and like to think we learn more from them than they ever could from us. We move at startup speed and are allies in the company’s success.

We have a bias towards action and that north star is something we’re proud of. Reverse engineering serendipity is only the starting point of what we bring to the table as the Unanimous Capital team.

Last but not least, we wanted to give a big thank you to our supporters, advisors, portfolio company founders, and friends of the firm who all helped us reach this point.

Here’s to solving meaningful problems in the world, unanimously.

Akshay Oberai
Managing Director

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